Cure What Causes Vitiligo and Forget the Vitiligo Skin Treatments.

The Cause of Vitiligo is Known and can be Cured by You without any vitiligo skin treatments, and at virtually No Cost.

Without the real medical information that does exist on the cause and cure of vitiligo, you are going to be exploited by con-artists and by professionals whose business it is to take advantage of your troubles and suffering.


When they are through with you, and your pocket book has been cleaned out, you will likely end up -- like countless millions of others -- no better off than you are right now, feeling even more frustrated and despondent.

Crucial information about Vitiligo is being kept from you as effectively as if it were under lock and key.

Did you know that medical doctors of 70 years ago actually cured people’s vitiligo without treating or doing anything to the skin?

Those MD’s did it by addressing the fundamental problem causing vitiligo that was found at that time through extensive medical research.   But doctors of today don’t cure vitiligo, and even tell you to your face that the “cause of vitiligo is not known.”   Instead, today’s MD’s sell you high-priced skin treatments, PUVA, uvB, excimer laser treatments, skin grafts, immune suppressors, bleaching, tattooing, cosmetics, etc. -- which cure nothing except their need for your money.

A significant body of medical research has been done by MD’s over the last 100 years to fill in the blanks and make the actual cause of vitiligo crystal clear and medically obvious.   However, you will probably never, ever hear about these things -- or know how to cure yourself -- unless you can get your hands on the sort of information which the writer of this page (an M.D. himself) has uniquely summarized in a practical, easy-to-read eBook.

Contrary to what you have been told :

Vitiligo is NOT just some vague "disorder" limited only to the skin,

Vitiligo is NOT characterized by loss of pigment-producing CELLS in the skin,

Scientific evidence does NOT support that Vitiligo is an Autoimmune Disease,

And, in fact, the Cause of Vitiligo is known, has been known, and is being kept from you so a profiteering medical system can suck money out of you.

Virtually all the significant information you have probably been told about Vitiligo is wrong, misinformed, or half-truths.  The CEO of Google refers to the internet itself as a "cesspool of disinformation", and he's absolutely correct.  But it is not only the internet, the whole medical system is a cesspool of disinformation.

Have you noticed that the exact same words and phrases – like  “The cause of vitiligo is unknown”, “Vitiligo is an Autoimmune Disorder”, “Vitiligo is  characterized by the loss of pigment-producing cells”, etc –-- are repeated over and over again, and that the very-same exact words and phrases come at you from a thousand different sources and a thousand different mouths.

Well, what you are dealing with is a single, organized medical system which has but one voice and many tongues.  And the vested interests of that organized medical system are served by keeping you dumb and sick, and stealing your money.

The hucksters on the internet are no better.  They use the same buzzwords and phrases to  gain your credibility, and then push your emotional buttons to sell you their oils, tabs, lotions, and magical potions.   Simple, cheap concoctions of herbs, vegetable oils, and shrubbery are sold at inflated prices and promoted with fake testimonials and low-resolution, manipulated photographs.

Probably 95% of the seemingly independent vitiligo reviews posted on the internet in forums and in comment sections are nothing but product-placement ads put their by people employed by these internet companies.  And the rest of these are “affiliate marketing” where they induce you to click on a link so they can get 10-50% commission on any sales.  The real percentage of genuine postings on the internet by genuine people is very small -- and usually there isn’t enough info of any quality to do you any good.

But do Look with Your Own Eyes, and See for Yourself the RESULTS that you can Reasonably Expect from the Vitiligo Treatments, Services, and Products Being Pushed on You.

Vitiligo Skin Treatments did NOT Cure This ManThis now-deceased popular entertainer was not cured of his Vitiligo.

He was wealthy and could buy any treatment or anti vitiligo product suggested to him.  He even married a dermatologist.

The medical system did not cure his vitiligo, and the internet hucksters did not cure his vitiligo.

His story is the real-life, grim reality of the ineffectiveness of the products and services people are trying now to sell to you.

The only reality you really need to judge the truthfulness - and ineffectiveness – of what marketers are telling you, is starkly contained within the picture of this man.

They didn’t cure him, and they WON'T cure you.

BUT these people WILL take your money, and as much of it as they can get.

PUVA treatments at two times per week at some medical “institution” will run about $6000 a year, or more.   Excimer laser treatments - which are nothing more than glorified sunlamps - are sold in courses of 30 sessions each.  Each “session” may cost $150 or more, and involves trying to tan the individual white patches so they just don’t stand out so much.  In a year, two courses of 30 sessions each may run you $9000 or more.  If you are talked into blister skin grafts and surgical treatments, the sky-is-the-limit on how much you will be billed.

Cover-up skin cosmetics and camouflages are sold at exorbitant prices relative to their cost of production, and the marketers try to get you hooked on these products for-the-rest-of-your-life.  The anti-vitiligo oils primarily contain psoralen which sensitizes the skin to the sun, and is the same old ingredient the Romans used 2000 years ago to augment skin tanning.

Depigmentation of the skin with bleaching agents may take 1-4 years, and set you back many thousands of dollars.   A 6 to 10 minute visit to the dermatologist may cost you $250 or more.  With this guy possibly taking in $10,000 a day (yes, that’s $10,000 a day) do you really think he’s going to do anything whatsoever to upset this big gravy train they are all riding ?


None of these vitiligo treatments cures the Cause of Vitiligo

-- or the diseases associated with Vitiligo --

and each is like a costly, one-way ticket to Nowhere.

The proof-of-the-pudding is all contained in that picture of the popular entertainer above which testifies to the ineffectiveness of the vitiligo treatments he received.  The same people - with different faces - are trying now to sell you the same things they sold to that man which did NOT work.  Whether they're wearing white lab coats, have authoritative-sounding credentials, or are just hawkers on the internet, don’t let them seduce or browbeat you into buying into their dead-end suckers' game.

The only thing that will free you from being unduly influenced by these "merchants" -- and free you from the scourge that may be wrecking your health, romantic and social life, and your ability to find employment -– is real INFORMATION.   Correct and accurate information from real bona fide medical research to allow you to cure yourself (and your children) of vitiligo.

They tell you that:

“Vitiligo is an Auto-Immune Disease”

Scientific evidence to date does NOT support the idea that vitiligo belongs in the group of primary autoimmune diseases.  Although antibodies to pigment-producing cells can be found in vitiligo patients, they are infrequent and random, and vitiligo cannot be diagnosed by any blood tests for such antibodies.

On the one hand you are told that “Vitiligo is an Autoimmune Disease.”   On the other hand, you are told that “The Cause of Vitiligo is Not Known.”   So is the cause of vitiligo “unknown’, or is it ‘autoimmune’, or something else entirely.  The answer -- as shown in the revealing eBook this writer has put together -- is that the cause of vitiligo IS known and it has NOTHING AT ALL to do with autoimmunity.

They tell you that:

“The hallmark feature of Vitiligo is the loss of pigment-producing cells in the skin”

But this is not so.   More than ten years ago, five MD’s published conclusive medical research in a well-known medical journal showing that these melanocytes are not absent in the white patches of skin in vitiligo.  That the cells are still there, even after 25 years, and that these pigment-producing cells can regain their function both in the skin where they are, and even in a test tube.

So why do websites, foundations, support groups, medical school textbooks, your doctor, and countless other sources keep telling you these things, and make it seem as though vitiligo is incurable and can only be ‘treated’ ???    You can now start to figure that one out for yourself.

They tell you that:

“Vitiligo is a Skin Disorder”

This is misleading and deceptive.   Saying that vitiligo is a skin disorder implies that the disorder is limited to the skin.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Saying it is a skin disorder may sell you on getting “treatments for your skin”, and cause you to resign yourself to paying out thousands of dollars.  But it is a misleading and deceptive statement which obscures the other real issue in your body which is in fact causing the vitiligo.

The white patches in the skin are only a superficial, visible sign of a major abnormality deeper in your body which may be causing chronic, undiagnosed ill-health making you always feel below average and lacking in vitality.   Or, this deeper problem may become progressively worse and burst into a multi-system, life-altering health problem.

Vitiligo is directly linked to:

Thyroid Disease

Failing Adrenals (Addison’s Disease)

Hearing Loss

Sweating Abnormalities

Depigmentation and Inflammation inside the Eyes

Mental Depression

Vitiligo is clinically linked with:

Pernicious Anemia

Diabetes 1 & 2

Hair Loss (Alopecia Areata)

Nutritional Deficiencies

Chronic Candidiasis

PolyGlandular Syndromes 1 & 2

The above are not just words on a screen.  They are very real problems seen in people with vitiligo.  For example, 30% of people with vitiligo are diagnosed as having thyroid disease.  What the real percentage of people with vitiligo who have thyroid problems -- but are never diagnosed -- is not known.

A significant percentage of vitiligo sufferers have clinically impaired adrenal function.  When one considers that the adrenals have a tremendous reserve capacity -- and that a person has to lose 90% of their adrenal function before failure – one wonders just how many people are, in fact, walking around with milder, chronic adrenal impairment which is making them lethargic and feeling below-average, at the very least.


Knowing the Above,

Do you Really think that rubbing some 'vegetable oil' on your skin is going to Cure you ?


Do you suppose that sitting under an excimer 'sunlamp' is a cure for anything at all ?

You can see for yourself that the Answer is  “Of Course NOT

But you are in a bad situation.  Your child may have vitiligo and be suffering irreversible psychological trauma.  You yourself may have vitiligo which is making you despondent and self-conscious, impairing your social and sexual relations, and keeping you from finding employment because of hidden, but real discrimination.

Your dilemma is that you would do something else to cure yourself if you could, but you don’t know what to do, and the alternatives seem limited.

But there IS an alternative to virtually everything everyone has been telling you.   And that alternative is the real  INFORMATION about vitiligo which has been conveniently 'forgotten' by the current medical establishment.

If you know and understand the abnormality behind vitiligo -- and the diseases associated with vitiligo -- you can focus all of your attention and take direct measures to cure the cause of that abnormality, and just plain forget about any skin treatments.

This writer has carefully reviewed the medical research on Vitiligo of the last 100 years, and extracted the revealing, crucial information you need to cure yourself and your loved ones.   Although every bit of this vital information comes from research done exclusively by MD’s, this information has been hidden from you by the medical establishment as if it didn’t even exist.

This info DOES exist, but it is in medical journals that charge $15 -$75 just to read over just one journal article.  This info IS in papers that need a medical degree to understand because of all the useless medical jargon.   This info is not in current "standardized" $250 medical books, but it IS in those legitimate medical books and publications which few people have heard of.

If you suspected that you weren’t being told the full story on vitiligo, you were right. Once you know -- like this writer -- what is really known about vitiligo, you too may then want to spit when you listen to the gibberish that is being pushed on people.

The early, excellent medical research done on vitiligo has been corroborated and expanded upon over four different generations of MD’s.   The previous gaps have been filled in by research done in other fields, and all of this has been chewed over, distilled, simplified and put into this unique ebook on vitiligo.  The book gives the real facts for anyone to see, but also gives a practical, simple, and almost cost-free approach for the reader to finally rid himself of this ancient scourge.

Although the book focuses solely on vitiligo, the medical truths and information it contains have bearing on other diseases -- such as Lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, asthma in children, eczema, urticaria, and acne rosacea -- which are all related and linked by the same mechanism which has absolutely nothing to do with autoimmunity.


eBook Title:       Vitiligo: Your Doctor Will Never Cure You;

You’ve Got to Do It Yourself.


eBook Vitiligo Cure Yourself



Table of Contents:


Chapter  1  Information is Being Kept from You.

Chapter  2  Vitiligo – The Basics.

Chapter  3  Diseases Directly Related to Vitiligo.

Chapter  4  A Crucial Link Common to All These Diseases.

Chapter  5  Tell-Tale Clues.

Chapter  6  All Roads Lead to Rome.

Chapter  7  Have MD's Cured Vitiligo in the Past ?

Chapter  8  Have Some People Cured Themselves ?

Chapter  9  The Real Culprit Behind the Curtain.

Chapter 10 How You Yourself Can Test for It.

Chapter 11 What You Can Do To Get Rid of It.

Chapter 12 Perspectives To Keep You Focused and in Control.



92 Medical Research References Cited

This concise book is for real people with real problems who just want to know the facts, and what they can do.

It contains no pompous medical jargon, and you don’t need a medical education to understand the clear and unmistakable facts it contains.  The eye-opening information speaks for itself, and it should open anyone’s eyes to the fundamental and practical understanding of vitiligo that has been suppressed and kept secret by a profit-oriented medical system.

If you have vitiligo, purchasing this practical, information-packed ebook may save you from a great deal of unnecessary grief in your life.  This is why the book was written, and why this writer has used his medical knowledge and spent time and resources to expose the cause and cure of vitiligo for you.  If you have vitiligo, there are things you just need to know, and continuing to point-and-click on pictures, fake testimonials, and B.S. on the internet is a do-nothing waste of your time.

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Cure Vitiligo's Cause and you won't need any vitiligo skin treatment.

The Cause of Vitiligo is known and can be Cured by you without any vitiligo skin treatments, and at little to no cost.     2014